CustomMaterial Error: Precisions of uniform "..." differ between VERTEX and FRAGMENT shaders

Is there a quick way to make both of these match without having to manually declare highp before the uniform?

the work around is

mat.AddUniform('selectedBones', ' highp int['+this.skeleton.bones.length+']')

Im sure there is a quick way to do it with the custom material where the whole precision for both shader parts are set to highp

Not sure to get you need it? Maybe I’m missing something but SahderMaterial like all material are by default flagged as highp

On my phone right now so adding @sebavan to confirm

weird… cause when I just tried to add the int array without the highp precision manually I was dropping errors and it would not compile.

Oh sorry I did not see it was int and not float:(

So yeah basically you are totally correct. This is the way to go as int as not flagged as highp (as we try to avoid them for perf reasons)