debugLayer Observable propertys not work

I wanted to test the observable of the inspector, but no result.

scene.debugLayer.onPropertyChangedObservable.add((result) =>

The console does not see anything, not even a null or undefined. The observable is not run.

And when I click on an element of the scene explorer to unfold it (Scene, Node …) No matter which one I click I receive this message in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: is not a function
at HTMLDocument.mouseup (translator.js:448)

The PG:

I also get an alert “Deprecation” in the inspector.bundle file (it’s a change in chrome 70 since october 2018) :

[Deprecation] Percentages row tracks and gutters for indefinite height grid containers will be resolved against the intrinsic height instead of being treated as auto and zero respectively. This change will happen in M70, around October 2018

Right! This is a bug :slight_smile:
I will fix that for next nightly

Thanks! (You can ignore the deprecation warning)

OK, thanks.
No problem for the warning.

The observable now works with the changes made. but there is an error that still persists:

Uncaught TypeError: is not a function
at HTMLDocument.mouseup (translator.js:448)

This error happens when we select a node ( + Nodes, + Material…)

Well I do not have the error on the PG you linked

It may be because I use a translator on my browser, I suppose.

So it’s an error in my “ImTranslator” Chrome extension.

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