Inspector: onPropertyChangedObservable

Hey All! First official question to the forum!!!

I’d like to setup a playground with some of the inspector features turned on through code…so that the scene runs without me having to switch on features in the inspector manually. For the sake of this example let’s keep it simple:

I have a playground, where I’d like to turn on the render grid through code, so that it’s always on when I run the code.

In the documentation I see that you can attach an observer to fire whenever a property in the inspector is changed.

scene.debugLayer.onPropertyChangedObservable.add((result) => {});

I know I can use this, then turn on the render grid, and then somehow get the property name and value, but I can’t figure out how to use it. Does anyone have an example I could look at for this?

Thanks for the help!!!

Unfortunately the onPropertyChanged is for scene graph changes only.
The inspector does not expose individual feature (mostly because they are just feature that you can also call from the engine)

The render grid for instance: