[Delete] Create animation follow a spline

In Babylon, I want to create an animation, a camera follows a spline. So far, I have a high position, landing position and ending position. The camera starts at the high position and moves straight into the landing position. Is any chance the camera could follow a spline? The following screenshot is the idea I want to follow.

I have looked up the easing function. Not sure how to make a straight line camera rail into a curved camera rail.

Hey is this a Babylon.js question or a cinema4d question?

If this is the latter I recommend to post on cinema4d forum

This is a Babylon.js question

Ok so yes this is possible. We support spline animation in babylonjs.

Now the real question is how to export it from your tool. Check my other answer on your other topic. If there is a gltf exporter for cinema4d

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May you show me how to create a spline In babylon, and how to create the camera spline animation in babylon?

I answered on your other topic