Orchestrating a Camera "Move To" type system

Hi, I wanted to seek some advice on a topic I will need to tackle soon in my wee project.

I am making a scene in Blender, which I am importing into Bablyon and then inserting procedurally generated “stacks” of money for an interactive data visualization project. I intend to allow navigation around the scene and via these procedurally generated objects via a sort of timeline or scrubber type control. The idea is that the camera will smoothly zoom around the scene looking at points of interest as the timeline proceeds and that this “tour” can be paused, rewound at will by the viewer. Some of the points of interest will be known in advanced, but some will be calculated based on some parameters set by the user at the beginning of the “tour”. I intend to make a visible timeline/scrubber control using an html overlay on top of the scene.

I have seen some playgrounds that might be of use to me, but what I wanted to ask was just some general questions about how I might go about this:

Is Babylon’s internal animation system the most suitable for creating these sorts of camera animations or should I perhaps use the GSAP animation library, which contains timeline functionality already? Would GSAP be unneeded extra bloat in my app? What are generally the most important points I will need to consider when doing camera movement in terms of performance (I want this to run smoothly even on mobiles if possible)?

I have a feeling this may get quite complicated and am a relative newbie so any thoughts, advice, previous learnings you might have on this is very welcome!

Ideally I would recommend to reduce the number of external dependencies. Babylon animation system is completely capable of doing what you need

That being said if you want to use GSAP there is NO problem at all :wink:

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