Dense foliage ya

How would you best achieve something like this?

Sps or instances or ?
They could sway better with sps no?

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I think there is a way to do this… without blizzard of vertices.

About two years ago I made a bunch of trees and bushes on fire…

All folliage were transluscent 2D planes, on a rotation toward the camera with lookAt.

The weird thing was… walking around the 2D trees (which rotated)

It wasnt possible to notice it was a 2D material.

So in theory… your dense foliage could be a bunch of 2D planes (instead of dense vertex-forest)

We are about to use that technique for things like clouds…

Make the perfect image in gimp then display on a plane. Good for many things. : )


For realistic foliage like that, I will definitely use a tool like Speedtree, or buying some already made models, then use instancing of course, 'cause these models could be heavy. You’ll also for sure have to fight against alpha issue :dizzy_face:


or this one:

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What is alpha issue?

Would that effect many 2D planes with alpha?

Well, @withADoveInOneHand, I use instances as for me it is easier to create in Blender than code.

Example: Terrain

All the rocks, trees, and little brown bushes are instances , but maybe they are not dense enough?

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


Here is another example just with foliage:


cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks yall for the insight, inspiration and examples.

I want to accommodate low end devices, but it’s nice to see where and how far to go.

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SPS is awesome too.
Here is an example with just one lowpoly tree and grass.
Use scroll wheel to zoom out and see the number of trees.
Could not figure out how to sway/animate the trees and grass though.
Anybody any ideas?


Wow that’s really great, thanks for sharing.
Couldn’t you just do a rotation with a pivot like what’s happening here?

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… great trees!

When you have many meshes with many materials using alpha, you may get some z-order issue (alpha flickering for example). You can play with some properties to avoid that, depending on your scene.

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You could have a play around with furMaterial and SPS

You might want to make the basic mesh less spherical.