@dev/build-tools could not be found

This is a question about project engineering. After I downloaded the babylon package and installed it with npm, I found that
@dev/build-tools could not be found (404), and there are no secondary resources on npm. How can I solve this problem?

what project have you downloaded? Are you referring to the core repository? What npm and node version are you using? what OS?


I cloned the project here from here: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js

I found that I can’t find the package @dev/build-tools on npm, is this resource not on npm?

Can you try with node 16 ? what commands are you running in npm ?

Was this solved? can you run npm install, or does it fail during installation?

**EDIT - oh, i just saw what the reason is :slight_smile: We support npm 7 and up, since we use npm workspaces. Update your npm (no need to update the node version) to latest, and you won’t have an issue.