Differences between Blender and Babylon


When I load my model in blender I can see it perfectly. All my textures and materials are good:

But I export this project to babylon format and I load that model with SceneLoader.Load but my model doesn’t look the same. There is no problem locating assets with my server.

I am little bit lost, I want my model into a browser and rotate it with mouse on y-axis…

Do you know any tutorial to put textures and lights?

Thank you

The red checkered texture on your object means Babylon did not find a texture and used this default texture instead. You should look in the Network pane of your browser and see if you get a 404 for some texture(s).

…and welcome aboard!

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Thank you so much!
Tif browser issue!

I transform tif to png and everything goes well

Thank you!!!

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Ooh nice! I observed the same red checker pattern when exporting Blender to Babylon with Image Texture. Didn’t think about changing the image file type! I just worked around this by

mesh.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture('textures/example.png', scene);