Some textures doesn't work

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Firstly, I only recently started learning Babylon so please be understanding :blush:

I start with Babylon and I try create simple models in Blender and export it (using Babylon exporter) and display in website. I have weird problem, since I create two cubes and add textures.

In screen (sorry for one screen, but new users can upload only one photo)
-My Blender scene
-First cube nodes:
-Second cube nodes:

-When i export scene to xxxx.babylon file and run in local server I see this -> one cube texture is load, but second cube texture is not load :wink:

What can I do wrong?

Hi @xaluke! Could you upload and share your Blender file?

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Link for file: MEGA

Additional i add this two textures

@xaluke, here is a Playground that works:

This loads the textures separately from the .babylon file. It may be a good idea to delete all textures from Blender and then load the textures separately, but maybe someone more experienced can shed light on this.

If you look in the console log, you’ll see two GET errors from and, which assumes that the textures are in the root directory of your server.

Loading the textures separately from the .babylon file lets you choose the file path of your textures.

@xaluke : From your image above I note that one of your textures is a .tif file. ( The “plaster” one.)

Try changing it to a .png or .jpg format. Never had a problem with either of those formats and the babylon exporter.

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile: