Loading .bablyon file from serialized scene doesn't load image textures

In my app I have meshes with textures loaded from .png images and save the scene with
BABYLON.SceneSerializer.Serialize() to a .babylon
When I load the resulting .babylon file in the BabylonJS editor, all of the images ares showing the black/red checkerboard. is this expected? How can I load the image textures?

It would seem the textures are not found: you should look at the network pane of the browser and see where it tries to load them from.

Adding @julien-moreau who is the creator of the editor.

Hi @Michael_Scherotter

Are you using Editor v4 or v3 ?
using v3, the Editor is using the same class as the sandbox to load files. Do you experience the same issue when you drag’n’drop your serialized scene here: https://sandbox.babylonjs.com/ ?