Different favicons for different Babylon Apps?

Hi, this might seem like a waste of time thing to bring up, but I thought I would mention it for consideration any way.

When am working on my Babylon project I often have numerous tabs open at the same time with multiple pages from the docs, playgrounds, viewer, NME etc I am a bit of a tab hoarder :grimacing:

I was thinking it would be handy if you made some colour variations of the Babylon Icon to use as favicons on different Babylon Apps. For example, you could keep red for the docs, maybe make a purple one for the playground, a green one for the NME etc

It would make life slightly easier for tab hoarders like me to find the tab I am looking for.

As I said, sorry if this is nit picky. Not a huge deal if you guys don’t want to do extra work for something as trivial as this. :upside_down_face:

Good question for our design master : @PatrickRyan

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@Richard, this has been requested in the past and we do see value in it, but it comes down to a branding exercise. I have not come up with a solution yet for how to differentiate the favicons without confusing our branding color palette. This is still on my radar, but I don’t know how quickly we will have a fix.

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I was about to open a new topic on this matter when I found this one.
Is there any news about this ? Maybe the community could make suggestions, I’m sure there are plenty artists around willing to help.