Make color of FavIcon unique across forum, doc, sandbox

Kind of minor, but when they are all red & you have like 5 open, it is a pain.

Also, Firefox has a feature to pin a tab, and this tab is always there on browser load. This tab only shows the icon. Not helpful, if all are the same color.

@JCPalmer - Interesting idea. I have to admit that I’ve hit this myself.

@PatrickRyan and I will put our heads together on this one, see what makes the most sense.

@JCPalmer and @PirateJC yes, we will have to think about what the favicon would become if we want to differentiate between the different sites we maintain. The issue becomes we can’t just change the color of the logo (which is what the favicon currently is). We do have a solution for a monochrome version of the logo, and we could render the monochrome version in a color, but I will have to do some studies to see what challenges are presented from a branding standpoint. Thanks for the suggestion.

Though I will admit, I kind of like seeing the Babylon logo all over my browser:

Though Playground retains its old favicon, it is not currently a problem, it should probably considered with all the others.