Disabling rootmesh caused VAT for instances stop to animate

PG: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#CP2RN9#36.
I’m really sure it works fine on 5.0.0-alpha.63 with rootmesh set enabled to false, but the animation stop when I changed to 5.0.0-rc.3.

@brunobg is the brillant mind behind VAT, do you have an idea what is possibly wrong on this one ?

We added a lot of optimizations in the latest and I am wondering if we do not skip anim for disabled meshes to save processing. Could you make it invisble instead an disable in the baking callback ?

Well, actually the peoblem is not so terrible for me. I prefer to not use the rootmesh when creating instances, so I just turn to using the rootmesh and fix the problem on my side, thank you for researching this!

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The difference in your PG from the doc PG is just this line: mesh.setEnabled(false). I’m not sure what would be expected from setEnabled for instances (I’d expect them not to render), but I suppose it’s correct to not run the VAT shader.