Docs: Coming next – links are div elements

Hello documentation team,

( @RaananW and @PirateJC, I guess, and everybody else who cares :innocent: )

Just found out that the cards in the “Coming next” section of the docs (random example: Shaders | Babylon.js Documentation) are all plain div elements. Noticed when I tried to open one in a new tab. Bummer.

I checked the SingleBucketItem component, but it looks pretty unsuspicious:

<Link key={link} href={link}> … 

I couldn’t find anything in the next.js docs, did some searching but I’m still pretty clueless what could be the problem. Haven’t worked with next.js so far, but this behaviour seems very strange.

Could somebody please take a look at this, or pinpoint me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot already


Hey @panepeter , I never noticed you can’t open in a new tab. It should be covered by next (and should be wrapped by an “a” element). I’ll check and fix it.



This addresses the issue - will be merged shortly

bucket items are now wrapped in anchor by RaananW · Pull Request #400 · BabylonJS/Documentation (

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