Documentation correction

please correct the link text:

How to load from any file type

under basic usage there are these two lines:

> <script src=""></script>
> <script src=""></script>

If you notice, the first one is from the cdn domain, and second from the preview domain.

This tripped me up today when trying to import a GLTF file, as these 2 have some sort of differences such that it fails to load a GLTF.

Correcting my versions to be from the same domain worked fine.

Wanna help? You can fix it yourself! Improve Documentation - Babylon.js Documentation Just make sure to use markdown. :wink:


This is the file you wanted to be fixed: Documentation/ at master · BabylonJS/Documentation · GitHub

Using the link posted above by Givo, do you want trying to contribute?


ah, it seems someone corrected. I did not realize the docs were in github hehe.

just a question, why do you advertise using the preview domain with loaders and make no mention of the cdn versions?

if thre’s no objections, I would like to add a blurb for “stable” url or “preview” url. I’ve been going through documentation a lot lately as I learn Babylon, and I feel that this is the first page that mentioned the preview url.

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Agreed and no objections. Our GitHub page lists both. No reason our documentation shouldn’t. I say go for it. Make the docs similar to what it says on our Github Page.

Thanks @Keeger!

Isn’t that this page you’re looking for? How to get Babylon.js - Babylon.js Documentation