Documentation of babylonjs

The documentation of babylonjs has not been updated for a long time, and some links in the documentation do not even work properly.
Hope to have Chinese documents.

I think you are not completely right, the Documentation is updating quite often - Commits · BabylonJS/Documentation · GitHub (to be more exact, it has updates almost every day).
As for the links, if they are wrong - just commit a Pull Request with corrections.
Translations to other languages require a great amount of time and efforts. But if you can find somedody who will perform Chinese translation (or sponsor it) - I see no obstacles here, the Docs source is open.

if there are links that don’t work we fix them immediately. If you found any, please let us know and we will fix them. It’s sometimes hard to follow all links, especially to external sites.

Ok, how should I report broken links?

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You can just mention here on the forum under bugs.


Thanks in advance. All contribution is welcomed here. The documentation is in english only for obvious reasons of maintaining it. It’s not just chinese; In fact, english is also not my language, but there are 140+ languages around the globe :dizzy_face: And as you mentioned, it’s already hard to maintain it up-to-date in just the english version. :wink: Have a great day :sunglasses:

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