Can we use babylonjs

Hello, I am a Babylon.js enthusiast. I didn’t see any license-related statements in the Babylon.js documentation. If I want to translate Babylon.js into Chinese and maintain this documentation, is this behavior allowed? Are there any restrictions on the use of the translated document? For example, must it be open source or free?

It is totally a miss to not have it on the doc and it should be either MIT or Apache2 from what I remember so please wait for confirmation :slight_smile:

As a general rule, we try to be the most open as possible for everybody to reuse and participate at will :slight_smile:

@Deltakosh could you confirm the doc license model ?

@RaananW could we had a license file there ?

I thought it was Apache2

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The docs are apache 2 licensed. I’ll add the license file and a classification that the code snippets also fall under the same license

Also wanted to say that someone already ported a lot of the tools under the domain ( docs are here It’s just not updated since 4.1

License for docs by RaananW · Pull Request #1053 · BabylonJS/Documentation (

Thank you very much

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