Does Chrome no longer support VR or is it just me?

Chrome throws an error when I view my scenes that used to work fine.
babylon.js: Session mode “immersive-vr” not supported in browser.

Also, the .gltf exporter in blender automatically puts an asset tag in the .gltf that used to go unnoticed by BJS, but now throws an error.

This is the error:
BJS Unable to load from room.gltf: Cannot read property ‘asset’ of undefined

This is the automatically generated code from blender:
“asset” : {
“generator” : “Khronos glTF Blender I/O v1.5.17”,
“version” : “2.0”

Here is an example:

Can someone check to see if they see the same errors?

I had posted this issue before, but I don’t think I phrased the question quite right.


A regression has been introduced recently and I am trying to find it but unfortunately our VR experts are off until Tuesday.

Ok So nightly is deploying with the fix as we speak and should hit the server in 30 minutes top