All I see is a blue box

All of my babylon.js content stopped working for some reason. All I see is a big blue box of a room.
I had made a template to keep things simple. Raanan had helped me get it working

My intention is to just copy the template html and change the .gltf file it calls. Now the template no longer works nor does all of my content.

I tried a couple of computer, my phone, my tablet. All just display a big blue box.

My chrome browser console:
babylon.js: Session mode “immersive-vr” not supported in browser
babylon.js Unable to load from room.gltf: Cannot read property ‘asset’ of undefined

Can someone take a look? Do you see the same thing? Any idea what went wrong?

Thank you,
Pat the engineer pretending to be a web developer

Hey, I think you have too add the full path to your models

try to replace this

// asyncromous call
BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("", "room.gltf", scene, function () {


// asyncromous call
BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("", "room.gltf", scene, function () {

A lot of playground examples aren’t working anymore on my oculus quest.
I thought first it was a problem with my remote config in chrome (I’m using WebXR API emulator), but testing directly in the headset does the same.
And no error in the console.
Something changed in the linked libraries ?


It seems to be a more global problem :
[Blank screen after entering into VR mode]

Even before I go into VR mode, I only see the blue box. It isn’t really a blank screen either. If I back out a bit, I can see the outside of the blue box and none of the content I put in there.

The .gltf file is in the same directory as the html. It shouldn’t need the full path.
It used to work just fine like that as well. Now nothing works.

You should follow the progress on this thread : WebXR No Longer Working in Preview - #9 by sebavan A regression has been introduced recently and I am trying to find it but unfortunately our VR experts are off until Tuesday.

Ok So nightly is deploying with the fix as we speak and should hit the server in 30 minutes top