Does glb format supports animations

I know gltf format does? I have actually even opened the file itself in a text editor and there is a property called animation or animations?

Does glb format supports animations as well? It looks like it should?

Yes definitely through skeleton, morphs or simple node animations. Both gltf and glb are identical, the second is a packed version of the first.


One additional question:
I have seen on babylonjs playground examples with that. It has some function call like animationGroup.start(). Is it compulsory to start it from babylonjs code?

Is there a way it can be autostarted without an external code? Is there a way all animations and start commands encoded into the glb and gltf file somehow?

Hi @fselcukcan.
On glb/gltf files the animation start by default, without any interaction
The reason because in some playgrounds you see some functions of animationGroup is maybe becaue there are multiple animations and the user wanted to handle them in some way. :beers:


Thanks a lot.

This resolves my second question.

And selected answer of @sebavan solves original question.