DOMException thrown on Inspector pop-out

Hi, this error is thrown on inspector pop-out:

DOMException: Failed to read the ‘cssRules’ property from ‘CSSStyleSheet’: Cannot access rules
at Function.e._CopyStyles (
at Function.e._CreatePopup (
at Function.e.Show (
at Object.onPopup (
at Object.onPopup (
at onClick (
at Object.l (
at h (
at g (

Hi @Ian,

I can’t reproduce. What browser are you using? can you make sure to hard-reload the page (to avoid cache) and try again? might have been an issue last week

Hi @RaananW, it happens in firefox and chrome for me. I’ve cleared browser cache. Here are the steps.

  1. Go to playground

  2. Click inspector button

  3. Click pop-out button.

  4. View browser console.

Seems to be working for me:

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Is your console clear of errors?

Yep, you are right, there is an error in the console, but everything works as expected. Interesting.

We’ll check that!

@msDestiny14 - want to take care of that?

When the inspector is popped-out, the icon bar between inspector and explorer can’t be used to resize. In other words, there is no resize mouse cursor “on hover” over the explorer’s icon bar.

Yep will check it out! :slight_smile:

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After debugging with @RaananW we removed the logging message.

Thanks for removing the error message. But it seems the inspector still can’t be resized, as mentioned above. I will start a new post about this bug.