Latest ES6 versions of Babylon and Inspector, CSS rules being injected into inspector?

Hi, the CSS rule ‘margin’ is being injected into the inspector. If I change the css margin amount, the margin of the elements in the inspector will be also be changed.

The png image file referenced in the css rule ‘background’ is being displayed in the background of the SpriteManager.

Thanks for your help.


Just noticed that the css rule ‘height’ is also being applied to the headings in the Inspector.



I’m not sure to understand…

Could you describe the steps to reproduce the problem?

Here you go:

Click on the explorer and inspector. See how the three css rules in the “.title” class “width, margin, background” are changing the inspector and explorer as mentioned above.

Just noticed that it’s the name of the html class attribute “.title” that is causing the bug. When it is changed to “.title2”, then it fixes the problem. Is “.title” reserved?

.title is indeed a class name that Babylon is using for its own use, so better not use the same name.

I guess it would be nice if all CSS classes used by Babylon would have some kind of prefix to limit name collision issues but I think that would be a hard work to undertake…


Evgeni, is there a list of reserved html class names?

I’m not aware of such a list for Babylon but @Deltakosh will know more.

A list of html id attribute names could be useful too. :grinning:

I wonder if it’s possible to be restricted from accessing the css rules of the inspector? Maybe through scope?