Dont Use Brave!

So something in one of the latest update to Brave has cause BJS to act extremally volatile. You can load a scene and it will be hit or miss on if it even propagates, then if you do any sort of intensive asset parsing it is very unpredictable on if it will actually resolve or not.

This was confirmed by one of my peers on a completely different project with no shared codebase.

If you are struggling right now with BJS stuff and are using Brave, switch browsers.

cc @RaananW in case he is sometimes playing with Brave and @Pryme8, did you created an issue there ?

I am using brave on mobile (almost exclusively, except for webxr stuff) and haven’t experienced any issue. but i’ll pay attention (and check if i am fully updated :-))

If you can confirm on your end or not that will help quite a bit. If it turns out that its not happening to you, Ill uninstall brave entirely and reinstall to see if that fixes it and request that my peer who is experience the same issues do the same.

Its seeming to be directly related to assetContainers and fileTools parsing blobs and animation parsing.

i just ran a scene with animations. But if you have a playground you want me to check let me know.

Did you parse the animations out from a gltf? Also its not every time, its really unpredictable.

If you say yes then I’m doing the uninstall route and will post updates from there.

For a bit more context - i am using brave 1.48.160 on Android 12

Yes, I loaded the animations from a glTF (a playground we have). I’ll continue testing

Perfect thank you, Ill post more after a fresh reinstall of Brave.

I’m still having issues with it even after a fresh install. Really confused at this point.

what version of brave are you working with?
wcan you share a flaky playground?

Its every playground, it essentially will be hit or miss if the context even binds.

o_O, that’s wild more are not having this issue.