Mobile chrome fun

last weekend, my stuff stopped working on android… but not all, just some! :slight_smile:
Few days later, I’ve identified guilty party: Chrome Releases: Chrome for Android Update 120.0.6099.43

Basic scenes work fine, but as soon as anything dynamic goes on, it just does not render.
For example, tap a mesh to load another mesh; AssetContainer.addAllToScene() and everything else works, but loaded mesh never renders. But much the same may happen with other dynamic everything.

But the fun only starts here :wink: Open a debug view, you can see all the the objects loaded in the tree. Better yet, when you select a node, it renders!
Performance optimization gone wrong? :wink:

So, is this something worth pursuing?

(I’m not very interested in pinpointing an android chrome issue myself, but I may spend some some more time on it if someone here is)


Must be related to this ‘hot’ topic WIP

Let me link it to it.

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