PositionGizmo snapping not working as intended on larger meshes

For larger meshes the Position Gizmo does not really snap properly usnig snapDistance.


In this PG the snapDistance for the gizmo is set to 1, and the mesh has a scale of 10000.
The minimum distance I could get the mesh to move is 15, whereas I would expect it to be 1.

SnapDistance works perfectly fine for smaller meshes, but since I’m working with a largely scaled scene, this makes it a problem for me.

Not sure if this is intended behaviour, but having an incrementalSnap option similar to scaleGizmo would be nice.

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OK, I’ll see what I can do this week :slight_smile:


I’ve checked and it not possible to have a 1 unit translation with this scale.
Moving just 1 pixel makes at least 4 world units.

That’s unfortunate. Is there anything I can do on my end to achieve 1 unit translation? Descaling my scene is not an option sadly…

add a button to move in 1 direction or user inputs for precise control.

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