Draw textblock with GLSL?

Hello, Thank you for helping.
Currently, I’m using GUI.TextBlock from @babylonjs/gui.
The textblock need to be constantly updated and there are many many textblock need to be displayed. I realize it costs too much performance.
Originally it’s +30fps, with textblock it’s 20fps.
is there any way to improve the textblock performance like using Vertex and Fragment Shader file for materials?

Hey, unfortunately no if you need to update them frequently. We are discussing with @TheLeftover to introduce GPU font rendering in Babylon.js but so far the GUI is the fastest way to do it

I would recommend to either reduce the resolution of your GUI texture or to try to update less often (sometimes every 500ms is far enough)

Hello zyh, I guess you could say shader text is in the planning stage. Question: Would you be willing to post a screen shot showing how you use the text now? This will help us as we move forward.