Duplicated custom NME node loses port order



After copy/paste:

I’ve tried to duplicate @piratejc’s OOB with the same result:


Can you check it please guys?

Thank you!

@Evgeni_Popov might have a clue ?

Not at all but @msDestiny14 might because she added this functionality.

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cc @PirateJC to track that bug

Heh! Yep. That’s a bug. I’ll get on that.


Issue submitted:

And here’s the PR for the fix! :crossed_fingers: :wink:


Hello @msDestiny14, hi guys!
Is this already deployed? Because today it happened again :frowning: And there is something else bad with the custom nodes handling. The custom nodes are sometimes throwing all it’s children outside the frame on save, sometimes it just erases a whole custom node and have to wire it again. :cry: I will try to reproduce it and let you know. Thank you!

The change was merged after nightly and we don’t do it over the weekend but it will be in the Monday. :slight_smile:

As for the other issue if you can get a repro on it feel free to post it in another thread and I’ll take a look.

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Sure, thanks!