Dynamic change external texture like image

i need suggestion which suits my project. I m building visualizer where people can upload their product images like tiles, granite marbles. and they apply and see how it looks.
i have seen Babylon having full of options. confused from where to start. below i m is my list questions.

  1. can i load 3d files like obj mtl , gltf, etc which are avilable in different websites and where user can dynamically change texture. if so which file format is best to achive objective.

  2. Or shall i need to create my own secen like livingroom enviroment and where user apply their products like image. for visualization. If so suggest best options.

or somthing better suggestion you have please tell. Thanks in advance

  1. I recommend gltf as it is the web standard we are all trying to support :slight_smile: (by all I mean bjs, 3js, google, microsoft, nvidia, autodesk, etc…)
  2. Loading a gltf and updating material texture should be far enough

Thank you.