Dynamic Terrain as flatShadedMesh bug


Dynamic Terrain seems to go all wonky when mesh is coverted to flat shaded, any workarounds?

Adding @jerome the creator of the dynamic terrain module.

Note we get this error with your PG:

You simply can’t convert a DynamicTerrain into a flat shaded mesh and expect it will still work as it used to.
Why ?
Because the Dynamic Terrain is not only a mesh, it’s also a bunch of processes to compute and animate its vertices according the map data and the terrain location on this map.
When converting a mesh to flat shaded one, you dramatically modify the initial mesh by addind lots of vertices… and it’s no longer the initial mesh, in term of vertex numbers and vertex positions, the DT process knows and expects to compute.


A small trick…
You can flatshade a mesh by removing it’s normals :slight_smile:
Uncomment line #48 in this PG & click run.

Note; some functions may expect a mesh to have normals and not function properly or at all.
I don’t know if DynamicTerrain will break :slight_smile:

maybe @jerome would be interested in adding a flatshade option to DynamicTerrain ?


Awesome - thanks for taking the time to reply & the info @jerome & @aWeirdo

Not sure the DT will work without normals (I think it could).
Unfortunately I have no time to code for BJS currently :relieved:

Seems to work pretty sweet…