How do you control terrain generation in DynamicTerrain?

Hi, how are you?, I’m learning to use the DynamicTerrain extension, and I wanted to know how to control the terrain generation, for example in a certain region the terrain will be higher, in a certain region it will be flatter, could someone help me with that? because I didn’t find this content in the documentation, and I’m a beginner (but not that much) at BabylonJs.

What part of the doc is confusing ? I am not sure to get the question ?

@PirateJC might help with this.

I’ve always found the BabylonJs documentation great, especially since version 4.2, but the extension documentation, more specifically the “DynamicTerrain” extension, has a part that’s confusing, than the terrain loops part, I need to learn that fully, to make a more beautiful generation of the terrain, if anyone can point me to some place that explains it more clearly, I’ll be grateful, my question may sound silly but i need to learn this.

There are no silly question just issues in the documentation, this is why I added @PirateJC to be sure he can help you and the full community by updating the doc :slight_smile:

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ok thanks for the help, and congratulations to all those responsible for the forum, they are doing a great job, and answer questions quickly.

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Hey @Tiago_Alves_de_Santa !

Extensions are usually things created by the community to extend the core functionality of Babylon beyond the main engine. Because these often come from the community, we can’t always guarantee that they will handle every users needs.

It sounds like you want more specific control over the terrain, which means you MIGHT want to consider generating your own terrain using noise and heightmaps. This can easily be done using the Node Material Editor, and we actually have a video on this very topic:

I hope this helps!

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