Dynamic Texture: layering textures in photoshop style "blend mode"?

Hi folks,

Just wondering, when using dynamic textures DynamicTexture, is there a way we can layer different textures in photoshop style blend modes:

So far all of the examples and docs I found about dynamic textures are just putting layers on top of each other - maybe with some alpha mask cutting out. But I haven’t found ways to use other blend modes such as “multiply”, “add”, “screen”, “overlay” etc…

Do we have similar feature like this in Babylon?

I also have another similar question asking about what’s the algorithm to mix “albedoColor” and “albedoTexture” for PBRMaterial in our current engine:

Many thanks

Hmm if I understand right, you’re creating a few dynamic textures and want to blend them together? If so here’s some options. :slight_smile:

  1. You could set globalCompositeOperation on the canvas of the destination texture and then call drawImage on its context, passing the canvas of the source texture.

  2. You could create a custom procedural texture which blends your textures however you want. These can even be created using the NME.


Hey folks, a follow up here:

Found a great resource of explanation and formula of blend modes:

As a former 3d artist, we found the layer blending tools in Autodesk Arnold, Foundry Nuke as well as Photoshop are most practical and useful ones in daily 3D production.

Hope this helps!
Tawibox :slight_smile: