Dynamic Texture: layering textures in photoshop style "blend mode"?

Hi folks,

Just wondering, when using dynamic textures DynamicTexture, is there a way we can layer different textures in photoshop style blend modes:

So far all of the examples and docs I found about dynamic textures are just putting layers on top of each other - maybe with some alpha mask cutting out. But I haven’t found ways to use other blend modes such as “multiply”, “add”, “screen”, “overlay” etc…

Do we have similar feature like this in Babylon?

I also have another similar question asking about what’s the algorithm to mix “albedoColor” and “albedoTexture” for PBRMaterial in our current engine:

Many thanks

Hmm if I understand right, you’re creating a few dynamic textures and want to blend them together? If so here’s some options. :slight_smile:

  1. You could set globalCompositeOperation on the canvas of the destination texture and then call drawImage on its context, passing the canvas of the source texture.

  2. You could create a custom procedural texture which blends your textures however you want. These can even be created using the NME.