Earth-Mars-Earth Cycler in 3D. Nasa space App challenge 2023

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MarsCycler3D is a completed 3D app for Nasa Space App challenge based on babylonjs

App shows Earth-Mars travel. Can be used as a presentation or flight simulator (with cabin view). Paths were calculated by astrophysicist Maxim Quartly from Queen Mary University of London. You can see a path and a time of the travel, and it is good for education using (schools, colledges, etc). Supports VR mode.


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Years ago I came across the book by Dr. Fritz Noetling: “Die kosmischen Zahlen der Cheopspyramide” (The cosmic numbers of the Cheops pyramid)

All the orbits of the planets in our solar system can be easily calculated using the number Pi:

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It looks cool and elegant. but IRL there are many more factors, and the formula will be more complicated

Cool :fire:
I love space!

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This is great !!!