Metametaverse project

I’m a lead dev on the project.

We have a 3d map feature built on Babylon.js, representing the virtual worlds the user will be playing on the desktop app. This is also an NFT marketplace for lands, and our game objects as well as users’ assets.

You can navigate inside lands like Mars.

here’s another example

The idea is that we support land nesting, which means when you play the game, you can find new cubes and then zoom into this new world. And again and again for infinite exploration.

By the way who is interested to see more about the project jois us on twitter and discord

It’s not an ad! you may not join! :slight_smile:


This is coooooool !!!

cc @PirateJC


Nice start.
How will you bring BJS code to a desktop app? Electron, BJS Native?


Actually, the desktop app is made on Unreal Engine 5. We use the web more to showcase, sell stuff and engage people to play. My plans are to bring more experiences to the web though. I think the web GPU will play a big role in this.

If you like you can put the project in the examples on your website. But we don’t open-source the code, so I don’t know if that suits you.

I agree and I’m eager to see how this will translate in your project.
Else, congrats. It’s a very nice project. Very trendy as per NFT and stuff. To be honest, I’m still not convinced that this trend will become viable for commerce short term, but I wish you GL with your project. Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the kind words) we’ll see, it’s fun to be pioneering this field. Anyway it will make a good impact on the web based 3d technology as nft projects require blockchain integration. I would love to see how web engines like Babylon take a part of market like it was with the web apps.

What I would like to see now is the great app for remote meetings in vr. I work fully remotely and it’s hard to hold this friendly atmosphere without a team buildings I got used to

Nice and Amazing work!!! Joining the Wailist and ready to support the project :vulcan_salute:

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Really appreciate!

Congratulations on the project!

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Thanks :muscle:

Nice stuff! How can I play this, I can’t find the link to the game on the website?
Also interesting, you recreate the scene from unreal engine to generate the preview inside cubes?

The game is in the pre beta state. If you like I can share when will be the first demo run. I think you’ll be able to participate and receive some bonus.

Regarding the previews. For now they are hard coded gltf’s, but soon will be replaced by the actual models from ue client. The problem is with fbx files mainly used in ue. In order to show the content those should be converted to gltfs. I found a couple of such open source converters. I will be working on that soon, If you are interested can write the results of my investigation here.

I enjoy your curiosity and feedback. Thanks!

:ok_hand: looking forward