Editing documentation: how to use further-reading metadata?

I’ve noticed we now have a further-reading metadata, mentionned in the doc’, but we’re missing the format of this content: Contribute To The Documentation | Babylon.js Documentation

I’ve guessed that we need an array, but after some tests I was just able to copy a link:

title: Lens Flares
description: Yep yep yep
keywords: yep, yep, yep
further-reading: ["https://mylink.com", "https://mylink.fr"]

Is there a way to show a description instead of the link itself for example? (in the same way as markdown: [description](http://myurl.com)

@PirateJC will hate me today but this is definitely for him :slight_smile:

This one is 100% my fault. I’ll add the desired format in the contribution doc right now. Sorry about that.

If you reference this page: Node Material | Babylon.js Documentation

It has a live example of the format for the further-reading section:

Again, sorry that that wasn’t in the contribution doc. Adding it now!

Ah I lied! Past @RaananW is much smarter than present @PirateJC!

There’s actually already an example of the metadata in this doc:

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I just made an edit to the further reading section of that page to reference the metadata section of the page. Hopefully that will help anyone in the future who may run into the same confusion.