Editor does not load textures in exported scene

I have a scene in which I am loading obj files from a /meshes folder and their materials are linked to textures inside a /textures folder. I want to share this scene so I export it using the Inspector and Export to Babylon button (GLB does not work btw) but when I import this scene into the Editor none of the textures appear.

I tried adding the textures manually to the project using the Texture Viewer tab but that does not refresh the link either. In the Editor’s inspector on the material I can see it has 2 texture names in the dropdown. The original one “./textures/blah.jpg” and the other being “blah.jpg” which is what I just imported.

Is there a way to link the textures correctly in the editor automatically?

For ref: Babylon version 4.0.3

pinging @julien-moreau…master of all things Editor

@julien-moreau Please reply. This same behaviour is present in the latest editor at editor.babylonjs.com

Hey @sorab2142!
Sorry for the delay I missed this post =O
The obj workflow is broken in the editor and has been fixed. The fix is coming ASAP in the version 3.3.0

I’ll share you a preview today so you can import well the meshes and textures.

Can you share me also one of your obj files with textures and mtl file ? I’d like to be sure the editor doesn’t have any other obj bug

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

Please find attached a chair mesh obj, mtl and texture file.

test_mesh.zip (205.0 KB)

Thanks! Testing and sharing ASAP a fix :slight_smile:

I confirm that your model works (I guess has I have no errors in the console) using the latest preview of the Editor v3.3.0.
I’m uploading a version for you and will share you the link so you can work with :slight_smile:

@julien-moreau: It would be great if you can share the link.
Would be really helpful. :slight_smile:

You can find the preview version here: http://editor.babylonjs.com/electron/preview/BabylonJS%20Editor%20Setup%203.2.1-beta.4.exe

The workflow is changing a little bit. The editor doesn’t work with deltas anymore. Each scene you import will be added the the “Meshes” assets tab and will be fully handled by the editor (means it makes a copy). This reduces the possible errors coming from loading/saving scenes.
Now, EVERYTHING is saved in the editor project (including geometries).

The goal is to do like all other IDEs like Unity or Unreal :slight_smile:

A Youtube video tutorial is coming soon!

Thanks, the loading/saving functionality works but there is a bug:

  • Select an object with StandardMaterial
  • Convert to PBR Material
  • Change some properties
  • Save Scene (inside scene folder as some_scene.babylon)
  • Save Project
  • Close editor and open a new editor
  • Load Project (use scene.editor.project file)
  • Object now has Standard Material with partial PBR properties being applied but metallic roughness information discarded since it is a Standard Material. Say I changed the PBR material’s diffuse color to blue it will show blue in the Standard Material after re-opening the project.

Is there a way to change properties on a merged mesh that has MultiMaterial applied to it? The inspector has this feature and exposes the textures used by different materials used by the submeshes but I can’t see the same in the editor.