Elbow node for NME

Hey team, just a really quick announcement for you to test :slight_smile:

Iโ€™ve just added support for Elbow node in NME:

It will be available with the next nightly. Enjoy :slight_smile:

cc @Pryme8


I just read through the new blog post Whatโ€™s new for Node Material in Babylon.js v5.0 | by Babylon.js | Feb, 2022 | Medium

Very nice improvements and great for developer experience :slight_smile:
Looking forward to try the custom blocks.

@Deltakosh can you elaborate on the conditional block? I have read few times, that if statements can reduce performance of shaders significantly. Since we did not have a conditional block in earlier versions, I was using a step node to create 0 and 1 values for multiplication with other values. It was a workaround to have a boolean value. Not sure if it worked faster. But would be interesting to know, if I should be careful using the conditional block, too often.

Hey! yes I still recommend to use them wisely but they are still limited as they are only evaluating 2 values and not 2 code paths

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