Enable Node Block on NME Editor Local

So I have a SimplexPerlin3d noise block that I am making. I have it all compiling correctly and appearing as a module under the BABYLON scope.

What files do I have to change on the NME editor now to have it appear as a block that I can use in the editor?

I see blockTools.ts and nodeListComponent.tsx are those what I need to edit to enable it?

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So I have it to the point where it pops up in the menu, but when I drag and drop it over it makes the Node Block but Empty on the DOM.

I edited blockTools.ts, nodeListComponent.tsx, graphEditor.tsx but am not getting what I expect.

Not getting any errors on the build, so Im not to sure what else to edit.

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Can you share the code you changed in blockTools and NodeListComponent? These 2 files should be enough

Im prolly doing something dumb wrong…

The name in the NodeListComponent must be SimplexPerlin3DBlock

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Thank you! I knew it had to be something dumb. Yesterday was a struggle for me. >_< ever have a day like that?

This week is hard on me to be honest :slight_smile:

Just keep swimming! I appreciate you a ton friend, thank you for everything you have done and do.

My pleasure !!! Thanks for being with us as well!

Ok I got it!