EngineInstrumentation.gpuFrameTimeCounter doesn't seem to work in Babylon Native?


In Babylon React Native, EngineInstrumentation.gpuFrameTimeCounter doesn’t seem to report anything, whereas SceneInstrumentation.frameTimeCounter does.

I’ve set engineInstrumentation.captureGPUFrameTime = true;

I don’t know how profiling/instrumentation works in bjs. Is there something particular to check @sebavan @Evgeni_Popov ?
I would not be surprised if some mandatory function call would be missing with Native.

The GPU frame time capture relies on some specific APIs in WebGL (Engines/Extensions/engine.query.ts) and WebGPU (Engines/WebGPU/Extensions/engine.query.ts).

Native would have to implement this extension for the GPU frame time capture to work.

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Thanks for the info @Cedric & @Evgeni_Popov