EngineInstrumentation on Mobile Device


I decided to add quick control based on EngineInstrumentation.

On Desctop all values are display. But on mobile device I do not have any data from:


they come as 0.

I tried all flags in mobile android google chrome related to GPU and no changes with this.
My device definitely has a GPU, but there is no data from it.

I wanted to use it in automated tests. Is there a way that you recommend for testing average performance in non-browser environments?? Like Jest-canvas or anything like it.

Hello, this is because not all browser / GPU support this feature.
This is unfortunate but this is the way the browsers behave with the spec :wink:

For automated testings, you can use NullEngine if you do not want to test visual rendering else you will need to use stuff like node-webgl - npm


So in my case non of them do. Cause I used 4 different devices and all browsers available and none of them actually displays anything with it. But all desktop browser displays value.

Is there at least one that will work??

I will check the testing ones thanks for that info. I will give my feedback about it once Im there :slight_smile:

The NullEngine looks promising but node-webgl is not updated for 2 years now :expressionless:

Yeah but there are others (search something like webgl for node and you should find some libs)