when EngineOptions.powerPreference is set to ‘high-performance’ in WebGPU, and there is only an integrated GPU, WebGPU will fail.

Posed as a question, because I don’t know what the expected behaviour is, and I haven’t checked it for WebGL. But it seems like ‘preference’ should indicate it would fall back to the available GPU.

This is not really a question for us unfortunately. This is a default behavior of WebGPU itself

Maybe @Evgeni_Popov can shine a light here but I do not believe we can do better than that (we could maybe retry with that option if the creation fails?)

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Yes, this option is simply a parameter of the GPURequestAdapterOptions interface that we pass “as is” and we are not doing anything with it.

It’s the responsibility of the browser to return a device (or not):



OK, good to know! I suggest a warning in the code doc as long as it is this unpredictable

Do you know if Chrome in general selects the high performance one as a default? I know that Safari on Macbook Pro took the integrated by default :frowning:

No, I have no idea on what Chrome is doing in this regard (nor Firefox).