Enter The Sphere - NFT Metaverse - Playable 3D RPG Multi-Player Game

Inter-connected NFT games built on Polygon & Bitcoin Cash. Collectible Edition Cards. Get ready to test your AVATARSs true strength and your own skill across the stars.

Would love to be on the official babylon.js showcase.

Built on Babylon.js!

We are hiring…messsage me for details!


Looooks beautiful !!! cc @PirateJC :slight_smile:

Hey @EnterTheSphere. First and foremost, welcome to the Babylon family!

It’s sincerely great to have you here.

Enter the Space looks really fun!

Do you have any direct links to live Babylon scenes for Enter the Space? The link provided looks like there isn’t a live demo available without logging in?

I’d love to advertise this on the community page and twitter if you’re ok with it? But we need a direct link to show off the awesomeness. :slight_smile: