Metaverse Portal & 3D Space Builder is a clone of earth. You can buy and sell property, build interiors, create an online store, art gallery, or link to anything you like. (currently in development but it is online)

The Map is osmbuildings (would love to use BabylonJS but still working on performance)
The interior space editor uses BabylonJS.
I love BabylonJS! So powerful and easy to get good results.

Some videos of the current space builder in action:
[ - Making a two room apartment in seconds - YouTube](https://Youtube video how to make a 2 room apartment)


This project is starting to get exciting! Connecting artists and the audience in cool experiences.
I’m currently integrating a scripting engine for user editable scripts (scary), and I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on sandboxing and exposing Babylon features to a scripting engine?

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Hello @MyWorld! Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:
Look’s good!! Do you have a live preview of the app available as well?


Kudos @MyWorld! :muscle:

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Thanks! Still a young site, but it can grow. The next experiment will be to teleport a GLTF mesh from one site to another, so a user can buy a work of art on an art site and hang it on their wall in MyWorld.

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IMHO the strong password fetaure is killing user experience. I tried to register 3 times and always missing some characters from the password :stuck_out_tongue: But I made it finally. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to allow easy passwords while you are promoting this cool stuff so one can just look around and be amazed? :slight_smile: Or at least a sign in by Google or whatever button? Or a demo account? Just my two cents…

Wish you the best dude with your Metaverse! :muscle: I am really interested in the final product, keep me/us posted!



Yeah, this is my feeling as well. In fact, the more I can see without logging in at all, the better! Unfortunately needing to register for an account is a pretty big deterrent for most users.

Nonetheless, super interested in what you’re building :slight_smile: User-editable scripts opens up a whole range of possibilities! You may not want to allow any execution of real JS for security reasons. You can look into something like safe-eval: Safer version of eval(). I haven’t used it myself, so I can’t speak to the technical details, but the main thing is you would want to restrict what objects user-written code could touch to an extremely limited scope.

Even then, it would be trivial to write an infinite loop that would crash the user’s browser, and this is actually impossible to detect thanks to the Halting problem. TBH, I’m not sure how you would prevent something like this.


One of the ways is to create a special liimited language for user scripts, which would be safe for your environment.
But, regarding the fact that you also implement trading functions, I would put more attention just to common security practices so nobody could hack easily your economics.
While I didn’t examine closely the registration system it seems that without a captcha your world has a great chance to be populated with bots with strong passwords :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to make the login less painful :smiley: .


That’s an interesting link to safe-eval, many thanks. The Babylon Playground allows user scripting, so I’m curious how it solves the malicious user problem (it seems to just inject the script verbatim. So community trust?).
I was looking at how sites like JSFiddle work, and it looks like hosting the container in an iframe from a cdn is the way to go (to prevent the script reading a cookie and sending it somewhere).

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The space editor in MyWorld is maturing (now maybe a teenager :D)
Spaces are now open to the public.

Here’s a space (WIP) where you can walk around rockets and other space tech to see how big they are:
MyWorld VSpace


Hey, I wanted to comment and say I am building something similar and we can definitely share ideas. I have something similar in mind but I am stuck with the interactivity piece and I need some inspiration and guidance to improve it from there. Feel free to send me a message if you are interested. Thanks