Entering Text in WebXR Experience (immersive VR mode)


I’m looking to make a login feature as part of a WebXR experience using Babylon.js. GUI Text input components such as InputText, which open a soft keyboard, work in WebXR but only if used when the browser is NOT in the “immersive VR” mode. Is there any support within Babylon.js for entering text via the XR controllers + soft keyboard whilst the web browser is in “immersive VR” mode?

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Just some triage for the o’powerful Raanan, but you are getting your Texture using:


and not



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Yes @JCPalmer, I am indeed using AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateForMesh()

After much tinkering with the plane, the texture, the InputText component and the VirtualKeyboard I think I’ve got something that works now (at least in the web browser within an Oculus Quest VR headset). To be honest, I’m not sure why all my previous attempts refused to reveal the virtual keyboard in immersive-VR mode. However, I think the latest version of my app is good enough in that regard. Many thanks to @JCPalmer and @Deltakosh for replying.

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Could you post your solution here or in the Playground? I might add…its still so difficult to interact with VR that it might be worth investigating a Voice API.Top 10 Best Speech Recognition APIs

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UI in XR can be challenging. I find natural interactions to be the better solution (like hand gestures or multi-button definition if you are using controllers). But I guess this is because i have yet to experience a really good voice API that actually works MOST of the time