Var xrInput = new BABYLON.WebXRInput(xrHelper);

var xrInput = new BABYLON.WebXRInput(xrHelper);

This line does not seem to work. It is used in several examples in

Use WebXR (WebVR, WebAR, Magic Window, Etc.) - Babylon.js Documentation.

I’ve tried it in QUEST, OCULUS Browser & Firefox Reality, as well as in edge & Chrome.

The examples seem to work when anything with this line and anything with xrinput are commented out.

(I BADLY need a working example with the QUEST controller fully working.)

Adding @RaananW our VR XR AR …R king :slight_smile:

I believe this was answered here already? XR input with BABYLON.WebXRInput? - #2 by JCPalmer

Would be great to know where you got this URL from, as it was never the production documentation site.

The URL :

WebXR (WebVR, WebAR, Magic Window, Etc.) - Babylon.js Documentation.

I found the URL searching for examples of XR controllers on Google. It was actually helpful, because it was the closest example I could find to what I needed. I have not found a good explicit example in BABYLON docs for XR controller use.

The best examples of controller use are on MOZILLA docs; but those examples are very complex to implement and even they suggest that using BABYLON would be easier.

Is this page not providing the information you need - WebXR Controllers Support | Babylon.js Documentation ?