How to let user use system keyboard in VR mode?

For example, in FrameVR’s VR mode, it provides a keyboard made with GUI.
Is there a possible way to use the keyboard from system or browser in my Babylon project’s VR mode?

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Hi @gunpowderfans , Gabe from Frame here! Do you mean being able to use your main computer keyboard with your hands while I’m VR mode?

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Yes actually. I’m wondering if it’s possible

AFAIK it shouldn’t be a problem using keyboard events while in an XR session. it should work the same, as this is a browser API.

Of course, the keyboard input should not be blocked by the VR environment (like windows MR does from time to time).

This works - WebXR basic example with teleportation | Babylon.js Playground ( if you stay in the browser context (while vr is running).