SkyBoxes as Environment vs defaultEnvironment

Hi there, consider this PG:
changing skyBox = true/false (line 6) the scene environment change: in one case is generated by the skyBox in the other from the default (scene.createDefaultEnvironment())
As you can see the result on the mesh located on one face of the box is quite different: when i use the default environment all the meshes in the scene are enlightened with good visibility, when i use the reflection probe the mesh is very dark. The only parts of that mesh that are good are the red ones (because in blender they were done with more metallic amount i suppose).

Standard Environment

SkyBox with ReflectionProbe

How can i achieve the same lighting result as the standard env?

You would need to change a few things:

  1. The probe needs to have mipmaps, be in linear space and with float values.
  2. All the pbr materials need to enable realTimeFiltering.
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Thank’s, ok it seems better: but why the mesh logo colors are so different. I.E. the wood material (the circular background of the logo) seems gray instead of brown. Am i suppose to change some material properties in blender?

you would need to do the same and do not forget that your light is now blue.

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Thank you!