EnvironmentHelper can't set ground or skybox material

We have the need to override the ground and skybox material for our application. We are using the EnvironmentHelper to create the skybox and ground meshes. We also want to be able to override the material that are on both meshes. However, the skyboxMaterial and groundMaterial properties on the EnvironmentHelper are read only. Our current work around is to use the skybox and ground properties on the EnvironmentHelper and set the material directly on the mesh. Is that the best solution or is there a better way to accomplish what we are trying to do?

EnvironmentHelper docs: EnvironmentHelper | Babylon.js Documentation

Hi EricB,

Your workaround doesn’t sound to me like it’ll be a problem. Alternatively, might you be able to use the Scene's createDefaultSkybox function? It has several options to change certain things about the skybox, though without knowing the particulars of your scenario I can’t be sure whether it provides everything you need.