Error enabling XR MOVEMENT

I am trying to use movement rather than teleportation in XR.
// Switch to movement module
const featuresManager =defaultXRExperience.baseExperience.featuresManager;
featuresManager.enableFeature(WebXRFeatureName.MOVEMENT );

This gives an error:TS2339: Property ‘MOVEMENT’ does not exist on type ‘typeof WebXRFeatureName’.

Has something changed with MOVEMENT? This is Windows 10/Vue if that helps.

I think it’s just that you are on an older version of babylon.js. Which version are you using?

Fixed. Edited package.json:
“dependencies”: {
@babylonjs/core”: “^5.0.0”,
@babylonjs/loaders”: “^5.0.0”,

and did an npm update.
Also had to add:
// Switch to movement module
const featuresManager = defaultXRExperience.baseExperience.featuresManager;
featuresManager.enableFeature(WebXRFeatureName.MOVEMENT, “latest”, {
xrInput: defaultXRExperience.input,
} );