Add sliding to the WebXR movement method


I’d like to see the following added to the WebXR movement method in addition to the Teleportation Module.

The reason for wanting it is because it’s a feature that’s required for flying and some
action games.

I have always used Babylon.js for WebXR development. Thank you for the great library.


adding @RaananW

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Great suggestion :slight_smile: want to add a ticket on github?Thanks!

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Thank you for replying so quickly. I’ve created a GitHub Issue!

May I also create a PR of the Github Issue following the guidelines below?
I would like to contribute to Babylon.js, and I would like to learn Babylon.js. :smiley: :hammer_and_wrench:

Please do! We are currently preparing for the 4.2 release so it might take s little while till we accept PRs, but we love having community PRs! Make open source much more fun :blush:

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@RaananW Thank you, Master! I’m going to enjoy the challenge! :running_man: :dash:

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@RaananW I tried to verify that I had a minimal functional implementation. I successfully ran cd Tools/Gulp/ && npm run build && npm start and accessed to http://localhost:1338/Playground/index-local.html. After accessing the site, I opened the TypeScript tab to see if I could find BABYLON.WebXRFeatureName.FIRST_PERSON, but it didn’t show up in the auto-completion. Am I doing something wrong with the verification? :thinking:

However, I did a console.log(BABYLON.WebXRFeatureName.FIRST_PERSON); on the JavaScript tab, and I’ve confirmed that the modifications seem to be reflected successfully. :arrow_down_small:

I’ve committed the current code to the following.

I’d be happy to point out to you if you think I’m developing it wrong… :pray:

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