[WebXR] How can I set teleport options when creating a default XR Experience?

Hello all, I am trying to create a default XR experience with custom teleport options.

The problem is for the teleportOptions, xrInput is required. I cannot assign the xrInput because the xrHelper was not created yet and if I try to omit it, teleportation simply doesn`t work because xrInput is undefined: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#9K3MRA#990

In this example I am passing a very basic option but it breaks the teleportation feature.

teleportationOptions: {
    snapPointsOnly: false,

cc @RaananW :slight_smile:

oh, that’s a typing error :slight_smile: thanks for letting me know.
I will fix that asap. The options passed are being extended with the xr input for you. so it’s just a typescript issue that prevents you from not passing a part of these options.

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Thank you, @RaananW, for the fix. I am eager to try it.

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